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by Tony Laizure on MY WEBSPOT

We used the pocket WiFi on our recent trip to London and Paris. It worked really well except a few times when it took a really long time to load Google Maps information. Honestly, I don't know if that is a Webspot or Google Maps problem. Anyway, they sent it to our hotel in London. We paid extra to have them send us the prepaid return envelope, which worked out well. We also paid extra for the portable battery back up, which we used only once, so I am not sure you really need it. It holds a charge fairly well. It is lightweight and small. We took it all over London and Paris and Versailles and it worked really, really well. We will definitely use this again when we need it.

by Hubert B on MY WEBSPOT

I called twice to My Webspot service (Egypt and Brazil). The hotspot has worked very well. I could access to my emails and it allowed me to use my GPS to guide me during my travels. The feedback system is very simple, just an envelope to drop in the postbox. I love the easy service.

by Russell Webb on MY WEBSPOT

Got a Webspot to cover incar wifi for myself and two friends on a driving holiday around France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Had an issue on the first day when the device stopped working due to over use (too much data consumed) otherwise it worked perfectly during the day. I would use again 100% as much cheaper option than my current providers roaming charges.

by Sylvain on MY WEBSPOT

I used My Webspot in Prague and Budapest in August 2016. It worked very well. I had 4G 99% of the time and the network was very fast. It's very small and you can easily carry it in your pants pocket. At 111 EUR for 10 days, it's not cheap but it's the best and more affordable solution I could find.

The only issue I had with My Webspot was with their support.

For I don’t know what reason, DHL was not able to deliver the device at my hotel in Prague on their first attempt. I contacted My Webspot right away to make sure I would have the Wi-Fi hotspot on my arrival in Prague in 3 days. They were very slow to answer (I think they don’t work on week-ends) and, at no time they were willing to really help me. All they said was "sorry we can’t do anything, we cannot contact DHL" and so on. Finally, I was able to contact DHL and they delivered the device at my hotel on their second attempt (I still don’t know why they were not able to deliver it on their first time).

One last word; don’t forget to bring (or rent) a power bank, the battery in my device worked for 6 to 7 hours.

by Kate on MY WEBSPOT

I had a very good holiday in Europe this summer. And thanks to the device I rented at My Webspot I could stay connected everywhere. The case is very convenient, we can carry around without discomfort.
I just had a small connection problem on one day, but I could easily contacted them and they rapidment found me an issu.

by Alice Wood on MY WEBSPOT

Really quick with responding to emails. Had a few problems with my device, they offered me a refund and are sending a new one to me.

by Jack on MY WEBSPOT

I use a webspot during two weeks in Europe (Germany, Ausria and Italy). The connexion was good and I can connect to my mail during all my holidays. I could use it to operate the GPS of my iPhone, and I had no problem. Finally the device size is ideally suited to travel, it easily fits in the pocket.

by Raymond Perry on MY WEBSPOT

Absolutely Brilliant! Device was waiting for us at the hotel. Turned on and phones accessed without issue. Provided 4g all over London, phones had no issues. Used it to maps and research. It was a perfect solution, better and cheaper then getting an international contract with phone company. I will definitely use this again for future trips to Europe.

by Daniele on MY WEBSPOT

The device is not good for Scotland, especially if you want to travel around the Country. In Edinburgh and Glasgow is fine but in the other parts 3G/4G signals are not available and with just 2G the device doesn't work. When able to get 3G/4G the device worked as expected. Efficient client service which provided a partial refund given the low consumption.

by Fergus Halpin on MY WEBSPOT

Perfect! Couldn't find any faults. Ordered it to get delivered to apartment but there was no body there to accept the post, called my webspot who spoke good English and got it sorted within 25 mins. Connection was great in Paris, a little slower outside paris but what much faster than expected considering we usually had 6 devices connected. This is so worth it to avoid searching/paying for WiFi and also is great when using your phone as a GPS where internet is required.

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