Internet At Sea: All You Need To Know

If you are interested in taking a cruise ship tour, I can safely assume that you are from the older generation. Now I would not be surprised if you remember the good old times without any buzzing smartphones, people reading a physical newspaper instead scrolling down their news feed on Facebook, kids playing together and not on their Nintendo Switch or PS Vita. The list goes on and on.

Nonetheless, the internet and the technological advancement has become a daily norm, not only in our private life but also at work. Years ago, you were unaware of the work piling up. Nowadays, most people have a hard time not checking their phones every 15 minutes. Checking emails, important calls or text friends/family for a quick update.Continue reading

Mexico City: between the ambrosia and the pachanga on your next trip

Chela, chupe y pachanga. If you like to drink, eat and party, you must know the meaning of those words. So keep reading. Ambrosía is the food and drink of the gods and mortals have ours too. The problem is all the ambrosia is in Mexico. As well as the best parties. Then it is your duty as every good hedonist, to go to Mexico City to check it out.

This magical land has risen from the bloodiest of invasions, of the most devastating earthquakes and proudly displays its brave caste. Beyond its magnificent structures and invaluable resources, Mexico is a destination to please the palate and the rest of the body. So read these lines well to know where you will use your senses when you visit the famous D.F.Continue reading

Visit Mexico beaches that will leave you breathless

Did you know sea water can effectively clean your airways? It can also heal your skin, regenerate your liver, cure your insomnia and make you happier. Even church bells are anointed with sea salt to ward off bad vibes. If you love to escape to the beach, enjoy the sun and immerse in deep waters, keep reading. Water regenerates you, gives you joy and gives you life.

When you go to Mexico you will surely want to visit all the beautiful places. In these lines you can find a beach that will surely adapt to what your body and soul need. Orale! Continue reading

Mexico City for the bohemians find the way of life that you like

Sing and do not cry, because by singing, my sweetheart, is how the hearts get happy.

That is part of the translation of the Cielito Lindo song. Many voices sang it, when the first person was rescued from the tragic earthquake of September 2017. Just thinking about it shakes the soul, but the greatness of the Mexicans surpasses the enormous size of this country. There is no adversity the Aztec cannot overcome. Genocide, earthquakes, walls, guerrillas and any sinister situation is defeated for these brave people. The beautiful Mexico City is proof of that. It is cosmopolitan, eclectic, happy, dynamic, calm, harmonious, noisy, multicultural, typical, sinuous, bright and dark, anything but boring.

What once was the magical and golden Tenochtitlán, today is a majestic conglomeration between Aztec, Hispanic and contemporary culture. In D.F you can find a solemn and green forest, enter a cheerful and modern taquería (taco restaurant). You can admire the beauty of a Mexican pyramid and enjoy an opera in a Renaissance theater. All these activities in a matter of hours. There are too many beauties to visit.

Traveling makes you happy because you will know another culture, you will explore museums, you will hear about history. This is for you. Discover some of the sites that you must add in your treasure hunter log.Continue reading

Can I have my calaverita? Beyond trick or treat on your trip to Mexico the Day of the Dead

Paradise or hell. Which one would you like your last home? The answer should be obvious. But apparently it does not depend on what you wish, it depends on how you behaved on earth. At least that was Christians say, so if you ask the same question to the mexicas, they would answer something different. “The faith of the souls depends on how you died”. Fascinating, isn’t?

If someone dies of natural causes, he will go to Mictlán. In that place live the Lord and the Lady of the Death Mictlantecuhtli and Mictecacíhuatl. It was a very dark and hermetic place. Once you are here, you never won’t be able to escape. Instead if someone dies in combat or someone was sacrificed or a woman dies in labour, all they will go to Omeyocán. Here is the house of the god of the war, Huitzilopochtli. This place is very happy. There are always music and dances. Every fourth year a dead one resurrects and he comes back as a beautiful bird.Continue reading

Explore the feelings that Cancun awakens in you on your next trip to Mexico

Legend has it that once upon a time, the Zanate (Mexican crow) stole 7 songs from a sea turtle. Those songs represented 7 feelings: love, hate, joy, sadness, fear, courage and anger. That is why the singular scream of the Zanate can awaken any of these feelings. But the truth is that you will see this bird all over Cancun watering its passions.

This snake nest (do not be scared! It is what the word Cancun means) has a lot to offer. Not only paradisiacal beaches. It is ideal for a honeymoon, a group trip or simply to oxygenate your days. For that and much more we have prepared a list of things that you will surely want to do in Cancun. Continue reading