What is WiFi calling – Everything You Need To Know

wifi callingWiFi calling is the perfect tool to keep in touch with friends and family if you don’t have a telephone line. Picture this for a moment. You are arriving at your final destination’s airport. Your flight was delayed and now you need to call your host to come and pick you up.

You don’t have an international telephone line, but you can access the internet because of free WiFi available at the airport. If connected, you can use several smartphone applications like Whatsapp, Facebook & Skype to make a call.

The problem is solved and you still have time left to prepare your upcoming travel plan.  That is not how WiFi calling works though. It is a built-in smartphone function and currently only available for the newest generations.Continue reading

Why We Love Pocket WiFi’s & You Should Too! | Pocket WiFi Advantages

the advantages of a pocket wifiNowadays being connected to the internet is a very important aspect of our life. Our work, relationships and many other things may depend on the reliability & speed of our connection.

Day after day we can surprise ourselves by admiring all the gadgets and items made to improve our life. Yesterday we were writing letters which would be answered maybe months later.

Today we lose our mind if our texts are not responded in seconds. Thus tech has done it well, it has shortened the distances and it allows us being connected no matter what. Pocket WiFi is a proof of it.

Now you are looking find the best portable WiFi router out there. We are eager to help you with that and you are going to love it! Here are the advantages of using a Pocket WiFi device and similar gadgets to stay online!

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How You Can Find Free WiFi Anywhere You Go

free wifi anywhere you go with a tablet in the backgroundThe moon belongs to everyone; the best things in life are free. The stars belong to everyone; they gleam there for you and me. The flowers in spring, the robins that sing, the moonbeams that shine, they’re yours, they’re mine and love can come to everyone, the best things in life are free.

Beautiful song from The Voice Frank Sinatra and he is right, the best things are free, like WiFi near me.

Nowadays is very important being connected. With internet you can communicate with your beloved ones, working on line and even being informed. You can do many things like making a banking transaction or post that video climbing the Pisa Tower on Instagram.Continue reading

Free WiFi in San Francisco: The Best Places To Hang Out

free wifi in san franciscoOnce upon a time in a far away village, a wolf was frightening its population. It killed their animals and even the men. People were leaving the village because they have no peace. One brave man decided meeting the wolf to end this tragedy.

He asked the fierce animal to stop hurting other animals and people. He also told him he understands its hunger and he promise people will give it everything it needs to support itself.

Under the stupefied look of the people, the wolf settled its huge head and it was gentle to the determined man. The village and the wolf lived together happily in and the harmony was reestablished. The brave man loved the all kind of animal deeply and he protected them.Continue reading

8 Great WiFi Facts You Need To Know

8 wifi facts you did not know aboutGiven the importance of WiFi in our daily life’s, it is rather careless that we know so little about the technology that enables us to connect other countries and their people across oceans without a recognizable delay. Here are 8 great WiFi facts that you need to know!

WiFi Does Not Mean “Wireless Fidelity”

You probably think that the term WiFi means “Wireless Fidelity”. Well, technically this is incorrect.

WiFi was simply designed as a logo and a trademark by Wi-Fi Alliance back in 1999 without any additional meaning. Brand names are created to conjure an association in the consumer’s mind and the product is the definition.Continue reading

85 Tips For Traveling Alone

Did you decide to travel alone for the first time and are now worried what might happen to you? Traveling alone can be the greatest experience ever and it will be the time in which your personality will grow the fastest. All your mistakes are your own as well as all the success. Here are our 85 tips for traveling solo!

traveling alone tipsBefore You Leave…

  1. Research as you don’t have a friend or partner to help you
  2. Decide on your destination – Enjoy the freedom traveling without a partner/friend and go anywhere you want
  3. Know your budget – Decide on your budget before you leave to pick the right destinations or the length of the travel
  4. Cut down on your costs at home to save up more for your travel abroad
  5. Try learning a few basic words of the local language before entering the country – Effort to communicate in the local language is always well respected

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