Austria Tour | An Instagram Journey

austria tourMore than 8 Million people call Austria their home. Sociable people who generally tend to be relaxed & enjoy exploring outdoors as much as the good old cup of coffee in a café. We’d like to show you how your Austria tour could look with beautiful Instagram images taken by travelers from all over the world. First visiting Vienna and its splendid sightseeing’s over to Salzburg, the birthplace of the infamous Mozart. Lastly, we visit possibly the oldest mining tunnels in the world.Continue reading

Pocket WiFi vs SIM Card vs Data Roaming | Comparison

two woman looking at their smartphones

You booked your airplane ticket for an amazing holiday coming up abroad. All you are looking for now is mobile internet at your destination. Free WiFi’s can be a challenge to find, not very reliable and often it is only freemium (buy a coffee to get free WiFi).
Most travelers will get a Pocket WiFi or a SIM Card for a short term holiday. What are the differences and what is the right fit for you?

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What Is Jet Lag & How To Overcome It

plane flying across the ocean with the questions how to overcome jet lagIf you are a frequent international traveler, you know already what it is like to get struck with a jet lag. This phenomenon is stressful, irritating but also very predictable. There are ways to reduce the impact it has on your body. Find out how you can start to shorten down the time it takes for you to get adjusted to the new time zone. If you are a very lucky person, you might not even experience it then.
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How You Can Travel Green & Be Eco-Friendly | Quick Tips

travel-green-footprint-on-sandThere is a new trend emerging with people starting to want to travel green. Many travelers are shifting their behavior and are thinking how they can minimize the impact they have on the environment while traveling.

Especially with the recent events in Florida, United States and other devastating weather events around the world, we all have to restart our thinking about how we interact with our environment.

Undeniable, the occurrence and strength of those events have increased each year lately. If everybody starts to travel green today, we might have the chance to have an impact on reducing the strength and occurrences of those events.Continue reading