The 15 most popular museums around the World

Popular Museums in EuropeThe painting is silent poetry, poetry is blind painting
. This Da Vince’s phrase hides a beautiful truth and knowing appreciate the art fills the spirit of joy, peace, creativity and much more. Both for a traveler and for a local is very important and rewarding take the time to explore these magnificent houses of the muses now known as museums and get acquainted with all kind of art and cultures.

Then here you have a few marvelous places and the most popular museums to get inspired and maybe catch your own muse.



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Mobile WiFi United Kingdom: best travel solutions

Pocket WiFi for the UK

Mobile WiFi United Kingdom. A lot of people wonder what is the best travel WiFi option for the UK. Find out below how to remain connected to the internet anytime and anywhere.

Pocket WiFi rental for the United Kingdom is the best travel option to always have an access to Internet and remain connected during your trip.

Even if not everyone knows it yet, travelers who want to remain connected always travel with their own Unlimited Internet in the U.K.  Pocket WiFi. It is the best solution to avoid data roaming. A WiFi Egg provides reliable WiFi access everywhere in the UK.

Thanks to this device you can avoid any last minutes call or webpage check which may cost you a lot in roaming (voice or data). In the UK, the biggest cities are already covered with 4G LTE and recently the Government set strict targets to reach 98% of the UK population by 2017.

By using a Portable WiFi in the UK you will be able to remain constantly connected to high-speed internet (4G LTE).

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16 Affordable Places To Go If You’re Young, Broke And Want To Travel The World in 2017

Affordable travel placesYou’re young, adventurous, like to travel and explore the world. But you do not have sufficient financial resources? Do not worry, it is still possible to travel pretty well and visit exciting countries, sites around the world without spending much money. Travel is an art that brings together knowledge and creativity to enjoy not only a pleasant journey but also at less expense. Travel is an important part in everyone’s life in order to enjoy get to know other places, other cultures and other ways of thinking. We will present 16 Affordable Places where you as a young person can travel – even for a small budget. Those sites are incredible and will leave you enchanted. Of course, all of these destinations and prices depend a lot on the style of travel and lifestyle that you want to have. It can range from cheap to very expensive depending on exclusivity of your trip. Keep in mind that the destinations that appear in this list are not geared towards luxury tourism.Continue reading

Free WiFi ITALIA: An analysis of the public internet in Italy


Currently, with the development of communications via the Internet, it becomes almost impossible to think of living without being connected to the world wide web. We are increasingly accustomed to the network that we cannot leave on the sidelines of our daily life anymore.

The Internet has triggered a new concept of urbanization. Many countries rely on the technologies of information and communication (ICT) to create harmony between people and cities.

Therefore, WiFi services have become one of the most demanded services for tourists and travelers.

Keeping this in mind, the Italian government, with the aim to re-establish its position in the tourism market by making use of innovation and technology, but without losing sight of the traveler as the axis of all its policies, has promoted the deployment of Free WiFi ITALIA, a network with 28,000 access points throughout the country. Continue reading

11 Must-See Movie Set Destinations around the World You Need To See In 2017

Must-See Movie Set DestinationHow many times have you seen a movie and think: I want to go there? A lot, don’t you? You like travelling around the world, having adventures, making new friends and memories that will endure for all your life. Well this is the time to make your wish come true, make the opportunity, pack your bags, grab your camera and direct your own movie. In the following we give you a list of 11 Must-See Movie Set Destinations to pin up on your travel map:

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7 Of the Best Places To Go Shopping On Holiday

7 Of the Best Places To Go Shopping On HolidayIn Rome one once decided the custom of making gifts between relatives and friends on January 1st. Then, they give away coins as a symbol of wealth and attract luck. Other common gifts were amulets, pendants and food delicacies such as salt, honey or dried figs. Gifts were also used to celebrate Saturnalia. It is an ancient form of Christmas where the most common gifts were Evergreen branches and also sweet cakes. Nowadays our gifts are a little bit different, but we always want to make them specials.

So you are travelling around the world and the holidays are coming. This is your chance to shop the best gift ever because you are going to look for something original, fresh, local and suitable for your beloved ones. Thus you need to know where you find! Here is a bunch of places that may make this task easier:Continue reading