Explore Cancun during your next trip to Mexico

explore Cancun trip MexicoLegend has it that once upon a time, the Zanate (Mexican crow) stole 7 songs from a sea turtle. Those songs represented 7 feelings: love, hate, joy, sadness, fear, courage and anger. That is why the singular scream of the Zanate can awaken any of these feelings. But the truth is that you will see this bird all over Cancun watering its passions.

This snake nest (do not be scared! It is what the word Cancun means) has a lot to offer. Not only paradisiacal beaches. It is ideal for a honeymoon, a group trip or simply to oxygenate your days. For that and much more we have prepared a list of things that you will surely want to do in Cancun. Continue reading

Explore Mexico City for nature and tradition lovers

Mexico DF trip traditionalMexico beauty and dear, if I die away from you, tell them I’m asleep and bring me here!

This is the translation of part of the song Mexico lindo y querido. It was composed by Chucho Monge Ramírez and with the voice of the handsome actor and singer Jorge Negrete. This song is a Mexican symbol. As beautiful as prophetic words, Negrete died in the United States and was brought to Mexico City to be buried. The truth is you don’t need to have been born on this earth to love it. Impressive landscapes, wonderful buildings, privileged climate, exquisite food and good people are some of the attributes that Mexico proudly displays.
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Visit Yucatan and discover the Mayas

Yucatan Maya Mexico tripI do not understand what you are talking about. That’s what Yucatan means. And the Maya could not care about a foreign language, with so much work they had to do with their own. At present, one third of the Yucatecan population dominates that precious and millennial language. Something you will appreciate if you decide to visit the imposing white city.

This ancient house of dinosaurs received the meteorite that extinguished them. It is full of corners that will make your trip to Mexico memorable. Impressive archaeological sites, formidable colonial art, exquisite cuisine and imposing nature are part of what you will find in Yucatan. That is why we have prepared a small guide of what you need to know about this land of cenotes.
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Traveler: discover why Sonora will give you joy on your next trip to Mexico

 discover Sonora trip MexicoLegend has it a very beautiful girl from Sonora went to a party at a casino, despite her mother’s prohibition. She was willing to meet the most handsome young man in the city and fall in love. She did not dance with anyone until the most handsome man ever imagined appeared and took her out. They danced all night until she felt something burning in her waist and looked around. She noticed that all eyes on the track were on her and her partner. She was surprised, she looked at her gallant dancer and observes that her legs were not such. They were ram’s feet. She screamed in terror, they all sensed a smell like sulfur and everything burned. There are still screams in the ruins of the once luxurious casino. That happens to girls who do not listen to mom, but Sonora is anything but terrifying.
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Find out how My WebSpot may improve your next trip to San Luis de Potosí

He was Northern, athletic, tall, sensitive and beautiful guy. He dreamed of become a boxer. His name was Plutarco and he was the forbidden object of affection of an Irish artist: Edward. This European genius looked for the cure for the insidious illness that was corroding the body of his beautiful lover. The Parkinson won the battle, but Edward left one awesome proof of his secret love in San Luis de Potosí. You have arrived to Mexico with your bae and you want to know more about this love story. Then you must acquire the best technology to optimize your trip. In order to achieve that, you have to discover what My WebSpot Mexico can do for your crossing to Aztec lands.

In this order, when you are making trips preparations, we usually focus on the lodging, transportation, and places to know. We take for granted the telecommunications and we don’t prepare for them. In these lines we will tell you how you can prepare your trip to the magic San Luis de Potosí. My Webspot Mexico will help you out.

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World Cup 2018: Moscow Travel Guide

getting around in moscow world cup moscow travel guideThe controversial choice that the 2018 FIFA World Cup will take place in Russia should not prevent millions of football fans to find their enjoyment.

From June 14 ‘til July 15, the best national teams worldwide will battle out in 64 games and across 11 cities who will be the next World Champion.

Maybe Portugal will be able to defend their title from 2014.

Most fans will watch the games from their home, but what about those who want to go to Russia?

This 2018 World Cup Moscow Travel Guide will provide you with information about getting around in Moscow, places to see while you are there and where to stay.Continue reading