Prepaid Internet Italy: Best solution to remain connected

Pocket WiFi for Italy

In Italy, Internet access is guaranteed in the most important cities. Many of us have already use free WiFi in Cybercafes, hotels or places with a lot of people. In large cities you can find free WiFi access in many places. But access to internet in these points, is still very limited. Updating web pages, loading files or sharing information can take a considerable time. Now that people are use to very fast internet, it causes a lot of anxiety and concern to travelers. They generally expect the downloads and File updates to be faster than it actually is. Due to the high costs paid by users to have good access to the Internet, Italy currently occupies the 22nd position according to the Ranking of the European Community of Nations.

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All You Need To Know: Laptop Ban Introduced On Flights To The U.K. And US

Electronic Ban on flights

Donald Trump and Theresa May are imposing a ban for electronic devices on direct flights to the United States and the United Kingdom. Officials say that there is no immediate threat. Airline carriers could face high levels of booking cancellations. Still both government heads are calling the vague security situation as the reason for the implementation. Here is all you need to know about the ban, which devices and which countries are affected from the electronics ban and especially how this is going to affect your flight.

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Paris best viewpoints and Tourist traps : how to make the difference

Eiffel TowerIf you plan to travel in a foreign country, there are lot of chances that people recommend you some places there. “You cannot miss this monument!”. “You can’t go there without seeing this and eating there!”. Did those phrases sound familiar to you? What if we told you that a lot of places people recommend to you actually aren’t that awesome? Indeed, a lot of emblematic places rely solely on their reputation. They may not offer the great experience that you’ve been promised. In this article, we are going to talk about Paris. Let’s try to differenciate Paris best viewpoints from the Tourist traps. Starting from one of the World’s most famous monument : Eiffel Tower. You’ll also find some recommendations from local people who know Paris if you want to have a similar experience, but better.

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Prepaid Internet Germany: Stay online during your next trip

Prepaid Internet GermanyA lot of travelers will agree on this : free WiFi is a dream come true. Indeed, picture yourself in a foreign country, and you got to download you plane ticket, for instance. You could use your phone, but data roaming is way too expensive. But if you’re lucky enough, you’re in the range of a free WiFi hotspot, and you’ll be able to download your tickets for free! Unfortunately, you can’t expect that situation to happen if you’re traveling to Germany. In this article, we are going to explain to you why you should consider solutions for prepaid internet Germany instead of relying on free WiFi.

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Travel WiFi Canada: Find Solutions To Travel Connected

Travel WiFi CanadaNowadays, the use of the pocket WiFi is commonplace for connected travelers. It is useful have a constant and reliable WiFi access while traveling abroad. In Canada, price of data is already expensive on the domestic market mainly due to the size of the country. So for travelers data roaming can be very expensive. A Mifi device for Canada is a very good way to stay connected everywhere in Canada, without paying roaming charges. The Travel WiFi Canada allows you to enjoy a high speed 4G connection everywhere you go.

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