Visit Rome: Guide through the most poetic city of Europe

Visit Rome

Rome is 4th most visited of Europe and one of the most appreciated in the world. You should definitely visit Rome and its Gothic architecture. From the Coliseum up to Michel Ange’s frescoes via the very famous Fountain of Trevi: the city of She-wolf soaks in an artistic mythology and a unique heritage. Visit Rome ang let us guide you through city and around its inescapable addresses.

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Top things to do in Paris: the 10 places to see for a total discovery of the city

Top things to do Paris Eiffel TowerTop things to do in Paris.. Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. « The City of Light », « The City of Art », « The City of Love ».
There are obviously a lot of reasons why the city is called in these ways. During the 18th century Paris was the center of philosophy, education and learning. Its cultural richness, its history, it’s architecture turned Paris into a place of inspiration for artists. And where art lives there is love and vice versa…

Today, Paris is the home of the most famous museums, and galleries in the world. Its masterpieces of architecture and its romantic places attract tourists and lovers from all around the world: that’s all why we decided to collect for you the top things to do in Paris through 10 must see during your trip.

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Wi-fi: from the cradle to the Mifi’s birth

Wi-fi-MifiWi-fi, or Wireless Fidelity, this free connection that we all know, direct access to the WebSphere and fictitious journey around the world by a click. In a world where we count 7,2 billion mobile devices for 7.1 billion inhabitants, this term became common these last years. The Wi-fi codes are exchanged from a place to another; and for many of us, it is a daily tool. For a very good reason: there are more than 5,8 million hotspots “free Wi-Fi” in the world, without counting all the connections for the private individuals, or in cafés, hotels, bars… Finally, the Wi-fi’s market fluctuated very fast, giving way to a competition off standards since its launch. Wi-fi Mifi, come back on an incredible technologic revolution.

Wi-fi Mifi’s short story: Retrospective of an international success.

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