Data roaming in Europe – How to avoid it

Data Roaming in EuropeData roaming can is a pain for travelers

Data roaming in Europe: find out the DOs and DONTs

Every traveler have already experienced trouble with data roaming. Which traveler has not undergo a bill shock when coming back from a short trip overseas. It is not rare to hear someone says that he paid several hundred dollars or euros for quick use of his phone abroad. The main reason is Roaming.

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How to choose a Hotel in Europe – 5 Best Tips

hotel in Europe - 5 Best tips to know how to choose it.Hotel in Europe, 5 Best tips and criteria when it comes to choosing it.

Hotel Europe: Find out the most important criteria

How European people choose hotel in Europe, it can be pretty difficult to find the good hotel in Europe with all the different hotel booking websites with fake reviews or photos and we will details all the criteria that people don’t think about such as hotel WIFI quality or location.

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Connected travelers – Their Impact on Tourism

Connected travelers, the tourists 2.0┬áConnected travelers – How they organize their trip!

A recent study conducted by Expedia/Comscore highlighted that mobile phone usage has more and more impact on the way tourism industry works. Smartphones apps and usage online are more and more involved during all phases relative to travel and tourism. Whatever it be the preparation of the trip, the use during the trip itself, and sharing the experience when coming back home. The study shows that people now use their smartphone in all phasis of the travel preparation: for preparing, researching and paying the tourism services.

Connected Travelers, how do they stay connected during their trips:

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Tourism and smartphone – How people stay connected abroad?

SmartphoneSmartphone use has evolved with travel custom

Smatphone: Find out how it has influenced the travel behaviours

A recent study conducted by CCM Benchmark shows that smartphones are more and more used when traveling abroad. Tourists are more and more willing to remain connected everywhere and anytime. Even when traveling abroad.

This study shows that 86% of tourists have brought their smartphone when they travel abroad this is far beyond the use of tablets and laptops (58% for tablets and only 33% for laptops).

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