10 Must Do’s when Preparing your Trip to Europe

You decided to go to Europe anytime soon? Now you are thinking about what to prepare in advance in order not to forget anything? We recommend you to prepare your trip well in advance for a couple of reasons: it saves money, stress and useless trouble. Here is our 10 Must Do List for everyone planning on traveling to Europe and not getting lost before.

Prepare your itinerary well before you go to Europe
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10 ways to cut your travel expenses on your next trip

Holidays are something exciting, something we are all looking forward to because it is the greatest thing. We can relax and leave our daily routines and problems behind us. However, the downside is that traveling can (!) be expensive, especially if you do not plan your trip well in advance. Thereby, no matter where you are going, small tricks can help you to save costs without sacrificing any point on your holiday to-do list. Read this guide and start off cutting your travel expenses on your next trip.

How to cut you travel expenses
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Things to do in Bordeaux – Stay connected during your trip in France

Bordeaux Pont de Pierre crossing the GaronneYou’ve planned to travel to France soon? And for the occasion you’ve chosen the amazing city of Bordeaux, this article has been written for you. It is located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, in the southwest of the country. Crossing by the Garonne river, Bordeaux is one of the most touristic city of France.

But enjoying your holidays equipped with a mobile Internet connection would not be better? My WebSpot offers pocket WiFi rentals for Bordeaux which allows you to get an Internet connection during your travels abroad. Getting Internet abroad will help you to discover the city: looking up for restaurants and things to do in Bordeaux. This article, will help you to organize your next trip in the wine city.

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Things to do in Florence : discover this city and enjoy your stay

Things to do in Florence

Capital of Tuscany, Florence is one of the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. This city is classified world heritage of UNESCO and was the Italian capital for 5 years (1865-1870). There is a lot to discover in Florence, and there are important things you should not miss! If you are planning a trip in Florence and you don’t know exactly what to do. We propose you below the best things to do in Florence. For a complete view of the city during your stay you should optimize your time and select the best things to do before you leave. We help you to discover the city. This article, 6 things to do in Florence, will help you! Here are some tips & addresses to enjoy your stay.

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Top things to do in Amsterdam : Find out the best activities in Netherlands capital

Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital largest city of the Netherlands. It is and also known as the Venice of the North,. Originally it was a fishing village, but today it is one of the most important city in Europe. To make you win time when preparing your next trip to Amsterdam, we have picked our best tips and activites in the city. For a complete experience find below the must do and the top things to do in Amsterdam.

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