How to get WiFi in Paris

Get WiFi in Paris thanks to our tipsToday, one of the principal question travelers are asking themselves when they go to Paris is “How can I stay connected to internet during my trip?”. More than ever, it is now more easy and cheap to get internet in Europe and abroad than it used to be. Nowadays, the use of your devices is essential to keep in touch with family, kill time during long transfers browsing Facebook and use map to get directions when you get lost. We listed for you some ways to get WiFi in Paris

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How to stay connected and get WiFi in Europe?

One of the most common problem travelers are facing when traveling abroad is “How can I stay connected to internet during my trip?”, it is now more easy and cheap to get internet/wifi in Europe and abroad than it used be if you know your options. Nowadays, every traveler needs his smartphone/tablet/laptop  to keep in touch with family, kill time during long transfers browsing Facebook and use map to get directions when you get lost.

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Insane Data roaming bill of € 23,714 for this French Traveler during his trip to Europe

French Citizen, racked up an insane data roaming bill  of € 23,714 while traveling across Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain after using his phone for GPS, uploading photos on Facebook and sending emails.

  • The roaming bill is higher than his annual salary
  • He insisted that he did not received any notifications when his data package ran out of data.
  • The network provider has reduced his bill but he still needs to pay around 1,232.

Insane Data roaming charges in Europee

After traveling across Europe for more than 2 weeks, this man received a data roaming bill of exactly 23,714.6 Euros (approximately US$24,802) when he came back to France.

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West Indies Connect: how to stay connected during your trip?

Enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the West Indies with My WebspotSun, beaches and wonderful landscapes are the three keywords for your next holidays? Good news, this article is just what you need! West Indies take advantage of a tropical climate. Its hot temperatures make West Indies as a touristic area. Whichever the time of the year you want to go in West Indies, you have the guarantee to have nice holidays! You can’t wait to share that with your friends and family but you’ve met an issue. How to keep in touch with your relatives in West Indies? The My Webspot Team wanted to introduce you to 4 different ways to stay connected, starting with the pocket Wi-Fi West Indies Connect.

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Wi-fi: from the cradle to the Mifi’s birth

Wi-fi-MifiWi-fi, or Wireless Fidelity, this free connection that we all know, direct access to the WebSphere and fictitious journey around the world by a click. In a world where we count 7,2 billion mobile devices for 7.1 billion inhabitants, this term became common these last years. The Wi-fi codes are exchanged from a place to another; and for many of us, it is a daily tool. For a very good reason: there are more than 5,8 million hotspots “free Wi-Fi” in the world, without counting all the connections for the private individuals, or in cafés, hotels, bars… Finally, the Wi-fi’s market fluctuated very fast, giving way to a competition off standards since its launch. Wi-fi Mifi, come back on an incredible technologic revolution.

Wi-fi Mifi’s short story: Retrospective of an international success.

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Mobile WiFi United Kingdom : best travel solutions

Mobile wifi United kingdomMobile wifi United Kingdom. Lot of people wonder what is the best travel WiFi option fot UK. Find out below how to remain connected with internet anytime and anywhere.

Pocket WiFi rental for the United Kingdom is the best travel option to always have an access to Internet and remain connected during your trip.

Even if not everyone knows it yet, travelers who want to remain connected always travel with their own Pocket WiFi. It is the best solution to avoid data roaming. A WiFi Egg provides reliable WiFi access everywhere in the UK. Thanks to this device you can avoid any last minutes call or webpage check which may cost you a lot in Roaming (voice or data).In the UK, the biggest cities are already covered with 4G LTE and recently the Government set strict targets to reach 98% of the UK population by 2017.

By using a Portable WiFi in UK you will be able to remain constantly connected with high speed internet (4G LTE).

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