Delivery in Europe

Delivery anywhere in Europe (1-2 Business days)
4.90 € to 14.90 €

We deliver to your home or staying address anywhere in Europe, all within only 2 working days (express delivery). All European countries are covered.
The package will be delivered a few days before your arrival/departure to the given address.

Hotel and personal address

Get your Pocket WiFi delivered to your European travel address:

  • Hotel (directly to the reception): please note in the checkout the name used for the reservation to ensure most convenient delivery to the hotel staff.
  • Private apartment: Unfortunately our logistics partner can not drop the Pocket WiFi directly in the mailbox. Please make sure to wait for delivery at the indicated apartment.

*If you stay in an AirBnB rental, we recommend you to choose a pick up point nearby. Otherwise, just make sure the name of the owner is correct and that someone will be able to retrieve the package.

Pick up point

We have many pick up points in many European countries:

  • We can offer you to deliver the Pocket WiFi to the closest pick up point to your staying address. When you arrive, simply go to the pick up point with your ID to retrieve your package.

Please find the exact locations of our pick up points:

Pick Up Points in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland: Click here

Pick Up Points in the UK: Click here

Pick Up Points in Estonia: Click here

Pick Up Points in Germany: Click here

Pick Up Points in Ireland: Click here

Pick Up Points in Poland: Click here

Pick Up Points in Spain: Click here