Return options

Return at My Webspot office in Paris - Free of charge

If your last point of stay is Paris and you have time to return the package with the Pocket WiFi before your departure you can do so by dropping by at our office:

23 rue d'Aboukir
75002 Paris - France.

If you choose SELF-RETURN Envelope option, you need to return it within European Union and pay for the stamp bu yourself. If you return it from outside, any custom charges will be charged back to you.

Prepaid Envelope (Spain, Italy, etc.) - 4.90€ to 14.90€

If you choose a prepaid envelope you can send it back from one of the following countries: France, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland and Ireland. The prepaid envelope can be used with any mailbox in the previously mentioned countries - just slide it in the mailbox or drop it at a local post office before leaving. Please note: the prepaid envelope can only be used for the country you state as returning country in the checkout! For example, if you state Italy as returning country, you can only return the Pocket WiFi from Italy. 

Other European countries

For all other countries not listed in the Prepaid Envelope section please visit a local post office ask for a stamp for shipment to France.
The full package weights less than 250 grams.
Return address is:

23 rue d'Aboukir
75002 Paris - France.

Ask us if you need more information.

List of Mail boxes at the main European Airports

If you decide to drop the return envelope with our Pocket WiFi in a mail box at the airport of your departure but do not know where to find one, please check out the locations of mail boxes at the 30 largest airports in Europe.

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