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by Max on MY WEBSPOT

Very good portable wifi for Europe. Tried it for a trip in France, Italy, Spain. It worked very good with 3 devices connected all the time

by charpak manon on MY WEBSPOT

Trés simple à utiliser et de plus une super qualité, le tout pour des prix trés abordable!

by Changming on MY WEBSPOT

Great global service.
It's 4:30AM in a different country.
My device just started, and I cannot make an internet connection.
I used hotel WiFi to talk to mywebspot customer support.
The chat response is within a second. And In 5 minutes, my device started working.
It saved my trip (days).

by Danielle on MY WEBSPOT

My Webspot was the greatest thing for us when traveling through Italy. We were able to put our phones in airplane mode and use everything over wifi everywhere we went. I also downloaded an app for free calling which wa nice to make local calls for car transfers or reservations. Through apple we could also still text and FaceTime family back in the states. This also helped us get around using the maps when walking through Rome, Florence, and then Venice. The internet coverage was great and the battery last all day. I would highly recommend this when going out of the country and not wanting to pay a high premium to use your phone. They make it easy and mail it to your first hotel and you just drop it in a mailbox before you leave your last destination with the prepaid envelope.

by Jake M on MY WEBSPOT

My wife's and my main concern in getting around France was not having a GPS in our rent a car and Google Maps not working on the streets. My-Webspot solved that problem immediately...all over the entire country. This is an absolute no brainer for anyone traveling. We picked it up at the office on a Sunday afternoon in Paris and put postage on the provided envelope and had our hotel put in on their outgoing mail as we left for the airport. We rented the car and room charger to go with it as well so the battery was never an issue. You have no idea how many problems this prevented and solved. DO THIS. There's nothing to even think about. And it's cheaper than any plan any cell company I know out there offers.

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