Mobile Wifi France – 4 Best Internet Travel Solutions

Mobile Wifi FrancePortable wifi rental in France is the best travel solution to always remain connected with Wifi and internet.

Mobile wifi France is a great solution for travelers

The mobile WiFi solution is not yet known by every travelers, but the connected traveler never fly abroad without a portable WiFi. It is the best solution to avoid data roaming in France. The Portable WiFi for France provides constant WiFi everywhere, and allow you to avoid the last minute call that may cost you a lot in voice Roaming or data roaming.

Stay connected during your trip to France – 4 Best Tips

4 solutions are available to remain connected to internet during your trip to France.

Pocket Wifi Rental For France and Paris

Mobile Wifi FranceConvenient and reliable the mobile wifi for France is a small device that fit in your pocket. It broadcasts a WiFi on which you can connect all your devices. The best pocket WiFi rental in Paris allow you to access 4G LTE and unlimited data with a good fair usage. These two last points are important to check when comparing mobile WiFi rental offers bewteen themselves but also with other mobile solutions for france. Not all providers can offer a 4G LTE access, and a good data package in 4G LTE.

Pocket WiFi rental is always the solution that offer the best data package and the fastest speed. As the providers are based locally, they can access local prices in France which are always cheaper. On the opposite, all international mobile network providers have to negociate from abroad and cannot access very good price. MY WEBSPOT provides Pocket Wifi in Paris with true 4G LTE everywhere with unlimited internet and a very large fair usage.

Free Wifi in France and Paris

Mobile Wifi FranceFree wifi in France can be a solution for you to remain connected. As you can imagine, the best advantage is that it is free. Free WiFi in Paris can be accessed through WiFi cafe or public WiFi hotspots. WiFi cafe: In Paris not all cafe provide WiFi but some cafe are now equipped with WiFi. You will have to stop by and order for something to drink before asking for the WiFi code. This is where you start to pay for free WiFi.

Public WiFi hotspots are the true free WiFi. In Paris the city hall has set up WiFi hotspot in parks and some place. The problem is all parks in Paris are closed during the night.
The major issue with Free WiFi (in Paris as anywhere else) is the WiFi quality. Free WiFi is generally very slow and you can be discouraged after a few minutes trying to refreshing your emails. Also for business travelers, you definitely do not want to relay on free WiFi. This can be a high security issue. It is very common for people to get hacked on free WiFi in major cities like Paris or Airport like Roissy CDG.


For travelers who do not care about the WiFi quality the inconvenient of free WiFi is that they are very random. You may catch one when it is around, but nothing says that a free WiFi will be available when you will need to make a call or to access an information. This is when you « quickly » use your phone to receive an email, or find a place with your gps. Every travelers know that relying on free WiFi always ends with a phone bill of at least 100€ in data roaming and not only in Paris. Also it is important to know that outside of Paris, except in major cities like Lyon, Bordeaux or Toulouse, it is almost impossible to find a good public WiFi solution connection. You cannot rely on free WiFi.

Local prepaid sim cards in France

Mobile Wifi FranceThe main mobile network providers in Paris, and in France more generally will ask for you for a Bank account and an address in France in order to access a good data plan. Some providers try to offer SIM cards for travelers in Paris, but the store clerks aren’t even aware of these options, not mentioning the bad English. At lot of travelers try and leave without a SIM card.


Some Network providers are specialized in travelers prepaid SIM Cards in France like,  Lebara mobile, or Sima. Prepaid SIM Cards in Paris are for a very different kind of use. SIM Cards will allow you to make calls (more local than international) and will offer low data quality. The speed will generally 3G instead of 4G LTE (10 times faster) and the data package will be very low compared to pocket WiFi rental for Paris. You can find the best prepaid sim card for France here.

The major issues with the Travel SIM card in France are that : Unless you have a dual SIM card Phone you will have to take out your own SIM card which means that you can’t be contacted on you regular phone number until you put it back in. Your phone may not be compatible with the frequency bands in France. Then you end up with a useless SIM card.



Data Roaming in France

Mobile Wifi FranceData roaming in France is probably the worst internet travel options in France, indeed some providers like AT&T or Verizon will charge you up to $2/Mb knowing that an average traveler can use up to 800Mb per day, you will have big surprise when you return from your trip! You have probably heard about those horror stories concerning data roaming charges in France where some bills went as high as $4000,so be careful, because it can happen to you too !

Don’t get fooled by your provider selling you an international data package for France, it is way overpriced and once you will finish the allowed data usage, you will be charged again at the full rate without any warning.

Mobile wifi France

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