[reviews-listing profile-img="" reviewer="Jeniffer" social="fb" postdate="3 months ago" like-count="49" comment-count="6"] Used Mywebspot during my trip to Amsterdam NL, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Zagreb Croatia. Worked well & fast connection, very reliable. Kept me connected to my office and family in Manila.[/reviews-listing]

[reviews-listing profile-img="" reviewer="James" social="fb" postdate="2 months ago" like-count="29" comment-count="3"] It was great to take with us for a school group around Europe for two weeks- having the car charger definitely helps a lot! The speed was good with 10 people hooked at any given time. [/reviews-listing]

[reviews-listing profile-img="" reviewer="Anna" social="twt" twt-id="7 months ago" twt-postdate="8:49 PM- 02 May 2017 " like-count="1"] We had an awesome holiday that we shared with Family and Friends thanks to @MY_WEBSPOT! Thank you for supplying us with fast wifi 24/7! [/reviews-listing]

[reviews-listing profile-img="" reviewer="Philipp" social="gg" postdate="5 months ago" like-count="8" comment-count="9"] We used mywebspot in December when we made a trip to Germany and Austria. Especially for my Asian girlfriend this service was extremely helpful as she could stay in contact with here friends and family back home through video call. We never reached the daily data limit which is 1GB, coverage was good (I guess it has similar weakness as local provider).
I suggest you take your personal powerbank or you rent it from mywebspot as the battery does not hold more than 7/ 8 hours depending on your usage.
Sending it back was easy as you just need to return it in the envelope attached. Will book it for my next trip too! [/reviews-listing]

[reviews-listing profile-img="" reviewer="Elsa" social="gg" postdate="4 months ago" like-count="3"] What a great little device!!! I used it for my trip around France in January and everything worked so well! The connection was strong and always available. Plus the team has been very kind, answering all my questions when I went to their offices in Paris. Thank you so much, I will be using your service in the future! [/reviews-listing]

[reviews-listing profile-img="" reviewer="Ide" social="gg" postdate="3 months ago" like-count="5" comment-count="9"] Ireally enjoyed my webspot device. It was very easy to use. They delivered it to my hotel with a prepaid envelope to send it back. I had wifi connection everywhere.I really recommend My-Webspot devices, they are perfect for travelers! [/reviews-listing]

[reviews-listing profile-img="" reviewer="Stephen" social="twt" twt-id="3 months ago" twt-postdate="8:49 PM- 02 May 2017 " like-count="49"] Booked the pocket wifi from my Webspot for my trip to Paris and the south of France, it was very convenient to find locations in Paris with that and not be dependent on free wifi and hotel wifi.   [/reviews-listing]

[reviews-listing profile-img="" reviewer="Lisa" social="fb" postdate="1 month ago" like-count="5" comment-count="2"] J'ai testé le boîtier pour un voyage au Maroc et ça a très bien fonctionné. Boitier facile à utiliser et une batterie qui tient longtemps. Je le reprendrai pour mes prochains voyages! [/reviews-listing]