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Very good portable wifi for Europe. Tried it for a trip in France, Italy, Spain. It worked very good with 3 devices connected all the time

May 24, 2017


I used Mywebspot for my holiday in Germany. The device worked perfectly and we received it one day before the start date. we were able to access internet everywhere throughout our stay. It was wonderfull 😉

Jun 06, 2017


I had two great experiences with My Webspot.
My wife and I, were travelling all around Europe. To facilitate our trip, we decided to rent a pocketwifi. This device helped us to find places that we wanted to see. We were also able to communicated with our family and to sent sem pictures! We highly recommand the service that My Webspot give.
We traveled in America Latina and it was also a pleasure to have a device which works pretty well everywhere we’ve been.
Thank you

Jun 06, 2017


Great global service.
It’s 4:30AM in a different country.
My device just started, and I cannot make an internet connection.
I used hotel WiFi to talk to mywebspot customer support.
The chat response is within a second. And In 5 minutes, my device started working.
It saved my trip (days).

May 07, 2017

Zohra Dridi

3 weeks ago

One of my friend recommended me my Webspot for my trip to Italy, and I’m really satisfied with the service ! Very useful and simple.
I was impressed by the connection, I used to waste some time searching for free wifi to check my emails, look for a location etc… but not this time ! It makes you enjoy even more your trip.
The team was aslo extremely helpful and reactive. Great first experience !



Using mywebspot while i was in europe was the best. 100% recomended.

Jun 06, 2017

Lois Sunjay

Dalas, TX
23 friends, 68 reviews, 3 photos

There were two of us chosen to represent our company in the business conference in Paris, France and My Webspot was a great part of the trip; google maps, doing our task at night and mostly Skype, Instagram and Facebook to update our family back home. I used to travel across different states in the US, but being on the other country way way far from the culture you’ve used too wasn’t easy-the travel, finding places, excitements and sometimes being unable to find your way to your destination, though it has a lot of fun, but undeniably fearful for the beginners like us. It was just a 5 day conference, yet the whole trip took 12 days including the leisure time. We were so grateful we had a reliable internet speed wherever we go-4G in most places and has no problem with the connection all throughout the trip. I strongly recommend this internet provider.

charpak manon

Trés simple à utiliser et de plus une super qualité, le tout pour des prix trés abordable!

May 12, 2017

Jodie Davies

in the last week

Satisfied with this vendor! I had negative experience with a different American pocket WiFi rental service last year. We tried my webspot this June and it was working well for our 4 day visit in Paris. We split the router between 3 friends. The signal was strong so my two friends could access from 15 min around me. Helpful to find the way and access information about attractions. As we split the router, price was alright, not cheap though. When we arrived at the hotel, reception handed over the package. At the end of our stay we dropped the device at their office/shop which is directly in the city center of Paris.

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