The impact of connected travelers on tourism professionnals

Internet and connected travelers changed the tourism industry

Connected traveler: It all begins with the search for destinations anf the trip booking

The search for vacation destination followed by by the booking has been totally reshaped by internet

Booking the trip onlineMan-working-on-Tablet

Connected traveler has clearly modified the way to organise a trip abroad: In 2013 more than 69% of French people had booked their trip online. 19% only got pieces of information online and then booked directly in a store. And finally, only 4% of them didn’t use internet in their booking process.

The main advantage of internet is a large choice of destination and very competitive prices.

Travel comparators such as Expedia, Booking Trip, Trip Advisor or Trivago have grown so has the tourism market online. They have become references when booking on internet.

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Data roaming in Europe – How to avoid it

Data Roaming in EuropeData roaming can is a pain for travelers

Data roaming in Europe: find out the DOs and DONTs

Every traveler have already experienced trouble with data roaming. Which traveler has not undergo a bill shock when coming back from a short trip overseas. It is not rare to hear someone says that he paid several hundred dollars or euros for quick use of his phone abroad. The main reason is Roaming.

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