Top things to do in Paris: the 10 places to see for a total discovery of the city

Top things to do Paris Eiffel TowerTop things to do in Paris.. Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. « The City of Light », « The City of Art », « The City of Love ».
There are obviously a lot of reasons why the city is called in these ways. During the 18th century Paris was the center of philosophy, education and learning. Its cultural richness, its history, it’s architecture turned Paris into a place of inspiration for artists. And where art lives there is love and vice versa…
Today, Paris is the home of the most famous museums, and galleries in the world. Its masterpieces of architecture and its romantic places attract tourists and lovers from all around the world: that’s all why we decided to collect for you the top things to do in Paris through 10 must see during your trip.

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Good plans Euro 2016: Special guide for the Itinerant Supporter

Good plans Euro 2016 - AirbnbJune 10th of this year will mark the kick-off of the next European competition of Football. During 1 month, France will welcome the best Europe’s and World’s players to throw in the title of Europe’s Champions, detained by Spain.You can find all the UEFA’s information on the official link: Euro2016. To the meeting of this tournament at the summit, the French stadiums gets ready to receive uncountable supporters in the colors of their countries. On this occasion, many of you will engage themselves to a trip on the French lands, between Paris, Toulouse, Nice, Marseille, Lyon or still Bordeaux. We propose a guide special Good plans Euro 2016 for all the itinerant supporters.

Good plans Euro 2016: tips for the itinerant supporter.

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Mobile Wifi France – 4 Best Internet Travel Solutions

Mobile Wifi FrancePortable wifi rental in France is the best travel solution to always remain connected with Wifi and internet.

Mobile wifi France is a great solution for travelers

The mobile WiFi solution is not yet known by every travelers, but the connected traveler never fly abroad without a portable WiFi. It is the best solution to avoid data roaming in France. The Portable WiFi for France provides constant WiFi everywhere, and allow you to avoid the last minute call that may cost you a lot in voice Roaming or data roaming.

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Connected travelers – Their Impact on Tourism

Connected travelers, the tourists 2.0 Connected travelers – How they organize their trip!

A recent study conducted by Expedia/Comscore highlighted that mobile phone usage has more and more impact on the way tourism industry works. Smartphones apps and usage online are more and more involved during all phases relative to travel and tourism. Whatever it be the preparation of the trip, the use during the trip itself, and sharing the experience when coming back home. The study shows that people now use their smartphone in all phasis of the travel preparation: for preparing, researching and paying the tourism services.

Connected Travelers, how do they stay connected during their trips:

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